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Maintaining a clean home can be challenging, especially during relocation. Whether settling into a new space or bidding farewell to an old one, packing and unpacking can create quite a mess. At 2move, we recognise these challenges and are here to help you. We specialise in house clearance and deep cleaning and offer tailored decluttering services to restore order to your living spaces. Our experienced team is dedicated to going beyond the surface, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience for your property in Port Talbot. To contact us, give us a call or message us.

Commercial Cleaning Services

If you are moving to a new commercial space, you will need cleaning services to start your operations. Our team ensures a pristine workspace, fostering a hygienic and inviting atmosphere. From offices to retail spaces, we tailor our services to meet the unique cleaning needs of your commercial premises. With a focus on efficiency and attention to detail, we are your trusted partner for maintaining a professional and spotless workplace.

A recently cleaned and organized office space.
A woman with a happy expression in her newly acquired house.

Domestic Cleaning Services

Whether you're moving in or out, you will need cleaning services. We can help you with it. From deep cleaning to specialised decluttering, we tailor our approach to your unique needs. Our team will even clean the nooks and crannies of your home for a satisfactory experience.

How We Deep Clean Your Space?

  • Thorough Inspection: Before beginning with the deep cleaning process, we inspect the property thoroughly to identify areas that require special attention.

  • Detailed Planning: Based on the inspection, we create a detailed cleaning plan that includes tasks for each area. This ensures a comprehensive approach to deep cleaning.

  • Quality Cleaning Products And Equipment: We use premium cleaning products that remove stubborn stains, dirt, and grime. We also use steam, vacuum cleaners, and other specialised tools to achieve excellent results.

  • Decluttering: We help organise your space, clearing away things you don't need. We handle the heavy lifting so your home feels airy and well-arranged.

A woman decluttering cardboard boxes in her new home.

Require House Clearance Service In Port Talbot? Call 07784 975801!

Couple with cardboard boxes on their heads sitting on floor near wall.

Quality House Clearance Services In Port Talbot

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